DEMOSTAGE is a curated platform of projects in development by emerging and established Nova Scotian artists. Presenters show what they’ve been working.  Audiences ask questions and give feedback.  Everyone is always encouraged to stick around and interact further.

To name just a few of the past presenters: Sue Leblanc, Stewert Legere, Veronique MacKenzie, Nick Bottomley, Lora Campbell, Ben Stone, Alex MacLean, Michael, McPhee, Leola Leblanc, Michael MacCormack, Shahin Sayadi, Jacinte Armstrong, Richie Wilcox, Sarah Moore, Clare Waque, and Robert Plowman.

The main goals of DEMOSTAGE are to build connections in the Halifax community and beyond, to share what we have been working on, and further artist and project development.  With the inspiration of a number of industry events across Canada, and the need for something to happen locally, we launched the idea to advance the practice of theatre, dance, and interdisciplinary performance in our region.