I made good friends during that residency—people that I care deeply about, both artistically and personally. If it weren’t for the community that was established, I would not have felt comfortable creating a piece that is very personal to me. I am currently developing on the ideas started in that residency, working with Canada Research Chair in Digital Performance Digitally Mediated Performance,
illustrate how incredibly important this residency was, and continues to be, for my
emerging artistic career.
— Thea Fitz-James, 2014 Resident
The impact of the Secret Theatre residency on me artistically and
personally has been lasting. During the residency, I became aware of
some new potential approaches to my art practice, and the creation of
my Secret Selfie was a means to take a step forward into that new
terrain. The experience has continued to echo as my practice evolves,
and I have even collaborated with some of the other participating
artists since. The support from and the conversations with the other
artists, my mentor and the residency facilitators Dustin and Sarah
were invaluable to my project but, more so, to me as a human being and
creator. The entire residency was motivating, challenging and
— Lindsay Dobbin
The program brought me to a richer understanding of my own practice and allowed me to create work that I wouldn’t have had the time and means to create without such a program. As an emerging artist working in Halifax, this opportunity is incredibly rare. I believe that programs like this should be made more widely available, and that keen, intelligent people like those at the helm of Secret Theatre should be curating them.
— Andrew Patterson, 2014 Resident
I found this residency to be a very positive experience creatively, artistically, and personally. During the residency period, I was offered the necessary time and creative space to make an audio composition which was unlike anything I had ever made before. As a professional dancer/ choreographer, it was quite a treat to have the opportunity and support to work with movement and rhythm through sound recording and editing- a chance to work with time and space in a new way.!
— Jacinte Armstrong, 2014 Resident