First Fridays
Hosted by Michael Lake & Dustin Harvey

The idea is really simple. 

People share true life stories about first things in their lives. 

The meetings happen the First Friday of every month.

Each month has a theme. So far we covered: First Kiss, First Album, First Brush with Death, First Loves.

Michael and I curate a few ice breakers to get us started, and then the mic will be open.

Everyone is encouraged to share their story, and have a few drinks and talk further. People will get a chance to learn more about each other, and then interact. Ultimately the goal is to bring people together, and build connection within the performance community.

Stories should be about your first loves... maybe one person you will never forget, or maybe your first encounter is something altogether surprising... 

All stories are 5 minutes or less. 
Each story will be followed by a Q&A. 

Who should come? Everyone. 
This is a chance for people to meet, and get to know each other.