Farewell 2015! / by dustin harvey


Hi friends!

As we say farewell to 2015 please join us in toasting the milestones. We're proud to have made quite a few and are grateful to those who made them possible:

  • 2015 we said goodbye to Commercial Drive in Vancouver as part of PuShOFF, hosted by our friends Theatre Replacement as part of the PuSh Festival industry events.
  • We animated the distance between Halifax and Dartmouth as part of Eastern Front Theatre's Stages Festival. 
  • We supported five local artists in the creation of new audio theatre works
  • We connected people across great distances in Iceland at the Lokal and Reykjavik Dance Festivals as well as the Forest Fringe as part of the Edinburgh Festival in Scotland. 
  • We engaged audiences in Aarhus' largest shopping mall as part of the Aarhus Festival in Denmark.
  • We collapsed the distance between strangers in Kitchener at the Impact Festival and in Vancouver at Boca Del Lupo's Micro Performance Series. 
  • We worked with Passage Studios and Nocturne Art At Night here in Halifax to create an Areal Cinema displaying four simultaneous live video streams into a piece of public art. There was writing about our work here. 
  • We presented two productions (Landline, and Farewell) and two public installations altogether in Europe and in Canada as well as our secret selfies audio theatre project online via our partnership with the SpiderWebShow.ca

In 2015 Secret Theatre was:

  • Collaborators- Chad Dembski, Adrienne Wong, Sarah Moore, Dustin Harvey.  
  • Associate Artists- Shawn Bission, Greg Van Slyke.  
  • Residents- Stephanie Yee, Lisa Lipton, Sue Leblanc, Susanne Chui, Patrick Blenkharn.  
  • Residency Mentors- Jacob Zimmer, Elling Lien, Erika Hennebury, Adrienne Wong, Chad Dembski..
  • Company Coach- Jo Hunter.


In 2016 we'll be working on a new project that is a choreography for an audience... We are still near the beginning so we won't be talking too much about it yet.  We will also be back on the road both in Canada and abroad including new cities, and new communities.  Our friends have yet to announce their seasons, so you will either have to check back, or join the XOSECRET Facebook Page for updates.

P.S. Your first opportunity to catch us in the new year is in Montreal in February at Usine-C as part of Festival Des Temps.  Please join us.